Clinical Ladder

The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center’s Clinical Ladder provides an opportunity for advancement and leadership for nurses who provide direct nursing care to all patients. The Clinical Ladder allows for career progression by recognizing the professional nurse’s clinical knowledge, competence and performance. Progression up the Clinical Ladder is an ongoing process, which requires formal documentation for advancement and/or maintenance.

UM Charles Regional offers an optional ladder of performance for registered nurses that hold a minimum of two years RN experience and one year of employment at UM CRMC.

Members of the clinical ladder are expected to:

  • Fulfill requirements related to professional development, clinical practice, educational preparation and leadership
  • Review qualifications for entry into or maintenance in the clinical ladder program annually
  • Submit a portfolio that delineates successful fulfillment of the required elements to the Clinical Ladder Committee for their annual review


The Clinical Ladder is designed to:

  • Stimulate individual professional development
  • Improve retention of nurses by providing opportunities for advancement at the bedside
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Promote leadership
  • Improve patient care through personal growth and contributions to practice area
  • Encourage nurses to work towards their full potential