Emergency Department

The Emergency Department (ED) is a community hospital emergency treatment facility which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is fully staffed with board-certified ED physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, ED technicians, unit secretaries, scribes, case managers, emergency psychiatric social workers, and ED pediatricians. As a team, the staff works together to provide high quality and efficient care with the ultimate goal of remaining accessible to the community.

Our 30 bed community based ED provides:

  • Evaluation and treatment to patients of various ages and varying levels of illness from minor to critical.
  • Triage initial assessment of patients to determine treatment urgency and placement within the ED based on the Emergency Severity Index (ESI), which is five tiered triage system.
  • Patient evaluation for response to treatment and admission to UM CRMC or discharged with follow-up instructions as appropriate.
  • Patient flow initiatives include patient care protocols, ED Express (a step above a Fast Track) and the recent addition of Rapid Medical Evaluation.
  • Fast Track system in order to evaluate and treat minor illnesses and injuries.  The Fast Track is staffed by a Physician Assistant, ED RN and ED Technician.
  • The addition of new technology such as a Sono Site and Glide Scope has helped improve the timeliness of interventions and patient outcomes.

UM Charles Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department is also the county’s designated Sexual Assault Center and staffed by a Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) Program which provides complete evidentiary examinations to all victims of sexual violence, dependent person victims of physical violence, and to those accused of violent crimes in Charles County in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team.

We also provide education on Child Safety Seat installations.  Community service has included sponsoring a Child Safety and Wellness fair, providing blood pressure screenings and stroke education at the Charles County Fair as well as Blue Crab baseball games.