1 East Birthing Center / Womens Services / Antenatal Testing

Patient Population:

Level I Nursery / Family Centered Care / Respit Nsy night / Moms and Babies / Laboring Patients / Antenatal Patients

The nurses of One East are cross-trained to work the nursery, labor and delivery as well as postpartum/gyn. The mission of the Birthing Center is to provide safe, timely and quality patient care and community services in a compassionate and sensitive manner to develop a loyal customer who has an exceptional experience every visit.

We commit ourselves to…

  • Providing an environment that is secure, comfortable, and responsive to the family;
  • The delivery of health care with dignity and showing respect for the individual;
  • Open communication and team work among all prenatal health care providers, physicians, nurses, and other staff;
  • Collaborative continuing medical and nursing education to ensure quality care;
  • Recognition of the importance of each member of the health care team including the woman herself, physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.


Our staff is very involved in the community…

  • We participate in the March of Dimes every year. We raised $3,000 this year and the prior two years had the best shirt design.
  • We sponsor the Baby Fair at the Charles County Fair and serve as the judges for the baby contest.
  • We sponsor maternity tours for the teen parenting classes at the Board of Education.
  • Our nurses teach childbirth classes. We have classes one Saturday a month and a 4 week Thursday series each month.
  • We offer a Baby Care class at the Women’s Health Center.
  • We have Sibling Classes for children about to become big brothers/big sisters.
  • We have maternity tours the first Sunday of the month and the 2nd and 3rd Mondays.